Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lunch @ Bao Today

包今天 - Ya, Bao Today only because there's definitely no future or next visit.
Below average food & service.
We were seated for barely 10 mins and no less than 5 staff came to ask us for our orders. They were definitely in a hurry to take our orders, to the extent of snatching the order sheet away before we can look at it & make our choice.
Self-service: Anything you can't find on the table, you will have to help yourself. With the exception of a plate, spoon & chopsticks, we had to walk a few times to get our own bowls & chilli sauce. Beside enjoying the company of my lunch companion, I'm entertained by customers walking around doing their balancing acts getting this & that.
You might have the impression that the restaurant is trying to achieve higher customers turnover by hurrying us with our orders but you can't be more wrong. It took forever for them to serve us the drinks & even longer to serve our food. So we have no choice but to order the dim sum that the staff will bring around to fill our growing hunger.
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