Monday, July 12, 2010

Sculpture Society

Sculpture Society @ Fort Canning Park

Christian Cemetery

Christian Cemetery @ Fort Canning Park

Keramat Iskandar Shah

Keramat Iskandar Shah @ Fort Canning Park

Wedding Photo Location

This is like the go-to place when couples want to take their wedding pictures but I managed to make it look so creepy.

Gothic Gate

Gothic Gate @ Fort Canning Park
If you are like me, wondering what the 3 letters I H S stand for it means "Iota Heta Sigm", the first three letters of the Greek word for Jesus.


Happy Birthday - 11 July 2010

One glance and you know that it's the birthday of a special lady. The beau went to through such great effort to collect the petals and laid out the heart and words. Reallty touching! And they were generous to share their joy with me and let me take a picture of their creation and a witness to their romantic act.

Microsoft on Botero

Finally got myself a wireless mouse to use with the laptop given to me from my sis. I'm really not very good "mouseless" and the most important thing is I can't play Bejeweled without my mouse.
The Botero mouse pad is also from my sis. Pink isn't really my colour but I think this this the best colour to match my mouse pad.

The Way to Future

The Way to Future @ Fort Canning Park

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