Friday, July 23, 2010


Gone In 60 Secs

Trying out manual mode using "2nd Flash Synchro".

Hair Dryer

I decided to get a hair dryer to blow dry my hair after my daily wash in the morning. I used to think that blow drying is damaging to my hair so I always let it dry naturally. So why the sudden change of mind? I happened to read an article which said that it is actually bad for the scalp to be damp for long period of time, it's like wearing a wet cap over our head. Hence, it's good practice to dry our hair immediately after washing. Maybe, it's old age and I'm worried that the dampness might cause headache when I age, so better be safe than sorry.
This hair dryer is good because it's recommended by people in the hair trade. It drys my hair in a jiffy and it's not noisy. Well, it's not called "Hush 2000" for nothing.



126 of Project 365: 瑚姬花

 Pyp. Mariposa
'Green Valley'

ISO: 1250
Exposure: 1/20 sec
Aperture: 5.4
Focal Length: 33mm
Flash Used: No


Will you be convinced to become a vegan after reading this?

Jaz Beer

Malaysian beer: Jaz. Visit the web site for more information but you have to answer a very interesting question in order to enter the web site. The ambassador for the Jaz beer is the infamous Hong Kong artiste Gillian Chung.
I tried the mini 15cl bottle shown here. The target consumers is most likely the female population as the beer is pretty light without the usual bitter after taste but I find that it has a sourish taste.
A word of advice: Don't drive to drink. Cheers!

Great when pair with my cousin's bak gua.

125 of Project 365: 小巧玲珑

ISO: 1250
Exposure: 1/15 sec
Aperture: 5.6
Focal Length: 45mm
Flash Used: No


Singapore Garden Festival 2010

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 @ Suntec Hall 4 & 6

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