Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anti-Static Device

Anti-static device next to the lift button at Shinjuku Prince Hotel.
Really thoughtful. Even the door knob & safety latch in the room had rubber casing over the steel to prevent "static shock".


Before we leave for Narita Airport, we had a chance to enjoy these great desserts with a cuppa using the vouchers given by The Shinjuku Prince Hotel. For guests who signed up the form not to change their towels daily but on alternate days, the hotel will  reward the guests with vouchers which can be used at all its F&B outlet and gift shops. I like this idea because it's environmentally friendly and I also get rewarded for doing my part. But most importantly, I don't see the need to change the towels everyday even though I've paid for the service because I don't have such practice at home.
The 10 days in Japan had been a memorable & special trip for me. And all the happy memories came flooding back while going through the pictures again to pick those which weren't included in the previous entries. 
There are so many first.
First time I saw snow.
First time I saw cherry blossom.
First time flying on the business class.
First time I saw the imperial carriages.
First trip with my Panny White, Xiao Bai.
First time having my food snatched by a crow.
First time travelling free & easy with my mom.
And many, many more.
But most importantly, I'm with my loved ones so that is what counts.

Organic Pastries

Non-dairy, organic food are being served at this quaint & quiet cafe at Shibuya. Can't remember the exact name but it should be around the Spain Slope.


Taken at Kotoku-In Monastery at Kamakura.

Group Photo

Besides the few self-taken photos, me & mom didn't have a photo taken together during our Japan trip. So here's a group photo taken at Kamakura.

Ferris Wheel

Reflection of a ferris wheel on a building windows.
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