Friday, June 8, 2012

庸记 (Yung Kee Restaurant)

This is another must-try restaurant when you are in Hong Kong.
All the great reviews I've read online only served to fuel my curiosity to try it for myself.

In order not to disappoint myself & the 7 others in the group, I made a reservation for lunch one week in advance from Singapore. You can either call or make your reservation online via the restaurant web site. However, for group of more than 6, you have to call to make your reservation, which was what I did. The staff requested for a telephone number, so I provided my Singapore mobile number but was told that they would not be able to make international call in the event that I'm late, and the table would only be held for 15 mins. The staff was very polite & efficient and the whole reservation process was done in less than 5 mins.

I was asked why I go during lunch when it would definitely be very crowded because many people working in Central would go there for lunch. Well, I've read that if you go too late, some of the limited items would be sold out & horrors of horrors, I've came across someone who said that the roast goose was sold out when he went there for dinner. How can I possibly allow that to happen?

Boy, am I glad I made a reservation because the restaurant was really packed when we arrived but we were immediately directed to the second floor where our table awaited us.

Enough talk, let your eyes feast on the best roast goose I've ever had!

I'm busy! Don't disturb me!

Guess what little kitty was busy doing? It was busy filing its claws on the wooden plank. It was really intent with filing its claws until my approach.

Well, maybe little kitty was really shy or on alert when strangers approached. Either way, it stopped his activity & turned to face me so I quickly take a good pic of its profile before it walked away.

Recently, I've been considering getting a pet. I think these days, the variety of pets we can keep can range from the exotic (think reptiles) to the common (your usually cats & dogs).

I'm undecided between a dog or a cat. After weighing the responsibilities to take care of a dog or cat, I'm leaning more towards getting a cat. This is because my mom would be the person spending the most time with our pet, so it should be a good companion without being too taxing on my mom.

So I'm wondering if a stray would invite itself into our house like what happened to one of my mom's friend, when one day a kitty just walked into her house & became a part of their family for more than a decade.

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