Saturday, February 25, 2012

280 of Project 365: Online

I'm constantly staring at the PC at work, even when I'm at home, I spent quite a fair bit of time in front of my laptop. And when I'm not at work or at home, that means I'm travelling on the road, I'll be staring at my smartphone.
The other day, my mom just asked: "After staring at the computer at work for an entire day, you are still staring at your laptop at home, aren't you tired?" 
Huh, I think it's more like a necessity than an addiction.
How many hours have you spent with your laptop / smartphone today?

279 of Project 365: Ondeh Ondeh

My first attempt at making ondeh ondeh : )
Edible but dare not say it's a successful because I didn't cook it long enough, so the palm sugar wrapped within didn't melt completely  but it's a good start.

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