Saturday, March 17, 2012

Berlayer Creek & Labrador Nature & Coastal Walk

I was looking forward to a day of fun sighting exotic fauna & flora but was disappointed because after walking for less than 15 mins, my mom & I realised that the variety of plants are the same few along the boarded walk. 

I was half expecting that we would be the lone visitors but was pleasantly surprised by the number of people along the way especially as we get closer to Reflections @ Keppel Bay.

283 of Project 365: Coral Garden

Olivia d'Aboville 

One of my favorites at the i Light Marina Bay 2012 event.

282 of Project 365: The Trombone Player

Instruments I've learnt to play:
1. Recorder
2. Pianica
3. Trumpet
4. Guitar
5. Piano
Among all these instruments, I played the first 3 the best because I learnt these during my Primary School days & had participated in performances and competitions. It also goes to show that I have better lung prowess than fingers deftness. To be fair to myself, I only started learning the last 2 when I'm pretty advance in age, so that might explain the lack of agility in certain motor skills.

I always envy and admire those who can play any types of musical instruments, I think besides hard work and interest, talent is also important.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

281 of Project 365: Modified Ondeh Ondeh

It seems like this is fast becoming a food blog soon.
Today, I tried making ondeh ondeh with greater success compared to my first try last week.
I leave the ondeh ondeh to cook longer so that the palm sugar wrapped within can melt fully. I used crushed almond flakes with sugar instead of grated coconut to coat the ondeh ondeh. 
Huh, isn't this mochi? Haha, yes, a hybrid of ondeh ondeh & mochi. 
Well, cooking is about creativity & personal preference, and it's so much fun. 
Remember to clean up the mess in the kitchen when you are done : )

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