Sunday, November 11, 2012

309 of Project 365: 以人为本的设计

I need a bag to replace my old trusty shoulder bag from UNIQLO which has served me for more than 3 years. So I went back to UNIQLO hoping to find something similar but I was disappointed by the limited range which is catered more for lugging the laptop. 
My next best bet is Muji. I need a bag that is sturdy & big enough to carry my camera, with many compartments within the bag to keep all my barang barang, lightweight, waterproof, ...... The list goes on and on. It didn't take me long to find what I want but I had a small problem. I was looking at the zipper at the bottom of the side pocket which can be unzipped. It doesn't make sense to expose the bottom because it would mean that I won't be able to put anything in the side pocket when it's unzipped. But in my mind I know that the design must serve a purpose, and given the thoughtfulness of Japanese designs, I'm sure it's there for a purpose.
I found this piece of instruction slip in the bag and viola, mystery solved! The side pocket when unzipped at the bottom actually serves as a flap where one can hook the bag through the handle of a luggage handle.
Guess I might not be using this function much because I much prefer to keep it zipped so I can put my stuff in the side pocket for easy access.

ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/6 sec
Aperture: 5.5
Focal Length: 34mm
Flash Used: No
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